Massage Salon in Moscow

Now we have an excellent place for carrying out massages. It is the temple of healing and rejuvenation which is near the subway Tretyakovskaya.

This fine place where you can have a rest your soul and body. In our salon it is very beautiful. There are many aquariums with small fishes and many other fine things. There is a sauna, hamam, also a warm stone on which you can order a peeling of all body.

Hamam with the warm stone

Hamam with a warm stone and the star sky. When the lights out and we turn on the star sky - it looks very beautifully and romantically.


Also there is a good sauna :)

Aquariums with fishes

Aquariums with small fishes is everywhere. They create the quiet atmosphere for relax:

Other photos

Here is other photos of our massage salon: